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I love traditional patch and ball muzzleloaders, Traditional Long Bows and hunting! I think I am kind of a Hermit since I retired but like it that way. I am 55 years old retired LEO and enjoy everyday,,feel blessed everyday,,and feel that Grace is the means of my survival thus far. I am NOT a critical Pharisee type! lol and enjoy all other opinions and ways to do things. In the end though,,I want to learn and pass it on!
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Welcome, Sammo. you can't find a better place to learn and share than the campfire. Make yourself at home.

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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Welcome in Sammo,good group of guys here.
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Welcome to the Fire. My unckle and grandpa were the hermit types, lived in little cabins, and got their water from a spring fed creek.

They were both true pioneers even though grandpa never missed church on Sunday or cards at the Elks on Wendsday. My unckle was the church organist for 50 years.

load fast and aim slow.
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Welcome to the fire Sammo. Many terrific people here with a lot of knowledge. I like to keep to myself too for the most part.


"Better fare hard with good men than feast it with bad."
Thomas Paine
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