black powder
went to bass pro last week end with gift cars
to spend. no percussion caps and they didnt
even know what black powder was. all they
had was pyrodex. couldnt really get in ther heads what i wanted.
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Maybe due to storage regulations Bass Pro never handled black powder and never told employees of other products related to muzzle loaders.

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The one in Arundel MIlls across the Bay from me in Maryland used to have it, but they stopped carrying it like 10 years ago. Nobody has any in stock now anyways with Goex closing. Talked to one of the major suppliers yesterday on the phone, sounds like there will be plenty of Swiss and Schuetzen for us by early in 2022.
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I figured that would be the case unless/until some one buys the Goex/Hodgdon plant.

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For the cap guys; what is the availability of replacement?

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Naturally I was sorry to (hear /see) Goex go, but I believe someone (company or corporation) will buy the old Goex plant and resume our Black Powder supply. After all, this not only effects muzzle loading, but black powder cartridge as well, and all other activities associated with a black powder demand, to including military government usage (as I understand it), whatever that may be?

As already said, the caplock shooter's don't have much to worry about - because of the black powder substitutes,,, and I've never duplexed a muzzle loading load of, say (20 grains 3fg under 40 grains of substitute black powder) to shoot in a flintlock, so I don't know how well this would work? Perhaps some here have done some experimenting with this, and would share their results?

For now, we'll just have to play it by ear (so to speak) and hope for the best.

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