Hello from Alaska
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Welcome to the campfire, BearStalker.

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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Bearstalker; Welcome to the Fire. Pull up a chunck of wood to sit closer to the fire where it's so much warmer. It just can't be to warm back there lurking in the dark.

I was born and raised in Wrangell, Alaska and if I to ever return, wouldn't give it a second thought about hunting with one of my muzzleloaders. I've taken 9 deer with my 54 cal caplocks and have sice moved over to a rocklock.
My niece took her first and only deer with her 50 cal TC Hawken just outside of Ketchikan. She went with a bow hunting friend.

It would be a real riot to attend a rondy in Alaska but the logistics of traveling with a complete primitive camp and muzzleloaders becomes next to impossible.

I'm not sure I could deal with the mosquitos though. Growing up, we put up with them. I'm not so tolorant in these later years.

Load fast and aim slow.
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Welcome to campfire

"All tyranny needs to gain a foot hold is for People of good conscious to remain silent"
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