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Kris Polizzi posted this on The Horners Bench so I thought I'd pass it on:

"Just read on the Traditional Muzzleloading on the Cheap forum that mtmike passed away on Feb. 16th. If ya go to www.muzzleloadingcheap.com/forums and scroll down to announcements you can read Mrs. Mike's post about it and further down under prayer chapel there's a link to the obituary."

Rest In Peace MtMike.

" A godly man and his rifle deprive sleep from the wicked, A christian man who prays is the defeater of evil, A praying man who will fight is the conqueror of nations and the hope of the oppressed "
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RIP Mike, see ya at Fiddler's Green when I head west.

Sad news, I hope it goes as easy as possible on his wife. Mike and I had exchanged some emails last fall, this was a surprise.
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Godspeed MTMike. Keep a seat by the fire for most of us.
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