G.M. 62 Smooth Bore
A couple of months back while on eBay I came across what was said to be a Green Mountain 58 caliber 32" barrel with a slow twist for patched balls. Described as new and unfired. I bought it and when it arrived it was just like they said, a really clean new and unused barrel. I always take em apart and clean em good. I ran a patch down the barrel and didn't feel any twisting in the ramrod going down or up. Dropped my bore light in and it's a smooth bore. Shines like a mirror. I mic. it and it comes out at .612. I get a hold of the guy and he apologized and said send it back, he'll pay shipping both ways. Say's he knows people who'll take it. Well after reading up on smoothies from this forum and other sites I decided to keep it. It's now my favorite barrel, 70 gr FF and matching volume of #6 shot puts every one evenly in a 32" circle at 25 yards. Have some .595 balls from T.O.W. to try out next but it's raining now. Funny thing is the markings, serial number, black powder only, G.M. emblem, all there. Caliber or gauge, nothing.
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Good un, Tommy. Smooth bores are fun.

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Tommy, Rancocas' statement is an understatement , believe me.

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I have a .62 smooth bore. It's fun.

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