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Most have seen it already but Im home bored out of my skull so here is a few pics of my Don Bruton .62 cal. Its a 38 inch .62 cal Charlie Burton barrel. A Caywood "Wilson" english lock. A plain piece of Dunlap slab sawn maple and Don forged the mounts. The front sight he made from a silver quarter. It just a plain no carving no engraving hunting rifle for a plain old fashion redneck. Curt Lyles made me a nice bark tan deer hide bag for it an since its Dons "Boone" pattern I had Scott Sibley make me a close copy of the Boone southern horn. I name all my guns an this one I call Samson. He shoots true and hits HARD

Nothing beats the feel of a handmade southern iron mounted flintlock on a crisp frosty morning
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Wow, beautiful rifle. That's about the style I would love to have, nothing really fancy but yet it still has class. How could you be bored with that thing hanging around. Smiler
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Thanks for posting WB. Always enjoy looking. Sure is a nice gun. .62 RIFLE you say? Man that's just the ticket for elk, bear and buffalo for sure!

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Handsome outfit Waddle Big Grin
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That's certainly a major "muscle" rifle. I would bet it puts the smackdown on deer.

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That is a very handsome outfit! I like everything about it including your choice of name for that big rifle gun!
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Simple,elegant lines,looks very effective...I like....

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The rifle is both good looking and substantial. Very nice.
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Hey WB... that is one fine looking firestick!

Sua Sponte
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I love it! Now if only it was left handed and mine....
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Thats a great looking outfit enjoy it.
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Beautiful rifle and Horn!

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