Revolutionary War howitzer
I built this using an HMR barrel. Golf ball bore,white oak carriage and hand made irons. With a lot of research and trial and error, I was able to get the correct scale and proportions. Besides that, it's fun to shoot.thanks for looking. The last pic shows how small it really is...

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Cool!Thanks for sharing!

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Thats just downright cool

Nothing beats the feel of a handmade southern iron mounted flintlock on a crisp frosty morning
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Am I allowed to say "cute"?

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Reminds me of the homemade cannon that shot golf balls at the Ranger Camp at Fort Benning. We used to poke an artillery simulator down the (pipe) barrel followed by a golf ball then run like crazy. It never blew ever up, but we used to shoot golf balls well out of sight! Ahh, to be young, stupid and convinced that nothing was going to get me (having lived thru two tours in RVN)... Heck, just to be young again, period!!!

Sua Sponte
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