Spiked tomahawk
This piece isn't new, but always been good for me. I started with a Craig Barr forged head, in the white. I blued it and added a curly maple handle. I pinned elk antler ends on the handle, and a curly koa end on the butt for durability. Although Craig throws his hawks very well, this one isn't a thrower. Solid brass tacks finish the piece. It's always been hand for camp chores, and is great for skinning; I keep it sharp. Thanks for looking.

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Very nice hawk Irondog! Thanks for showing.

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'S purty....!

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I like it

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That one will get 'er done!

Sua Sponte
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Beautiful hawk. Keep in yer hand when strangers come on yer property.
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That is a neat 'hawk. Definitely would be intimidating to trespassers.
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