Curt Lyles knives
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Finally got around to making rawhide covered sheaths for my 2 Curt Lyles knives. The skinning blade he made for me a couple yrs ago and the longhunter blade he made for me back last fall. The skinner I sent him a cardboard cut shaped like I wanted the blade and the longhunter he made form a piece of old farm implement from my great grandfathers old homeplace. Both my great grandfather and grandfather used the old spring that is now my knife. Both are very easy sharpened and hold thier edges really well.

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drooling over skinner Frowner
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Oh yeah....

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nice looking knives and fine leather work!

Sua Sponte
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Those are both very nice knives AND a great idea you had! Great job on the sheaths, as well. I bought a couple lead ladles and shot pouches from Curt several years ago. I also own a knife made by him, too. Well, the wife owns it. Never should've shown her his site...

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Nice knives

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Both very personal items and look great.
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I have one of his knives. Very nice piece of work.
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I absolutely love the longhunter knife. Good sheath work too. Thanks for sharing.

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