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Hey, I have a knife that I have had from the time I was a youngster - it was my Uncles and I got it from my Aunt when he died - it is a Mora laminated steel knife and I was wondering if I could restock the blade with antler easily?

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sure you could but why? they are a great knife as is, they aren't very PC/HC in shape so useing it for historical purposes sort of lags but heck if ya want to put an antler handle on it, hehe well its yer knife(lessen yer snitchen it from the wife or something LOL)
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Keith if you decide to do that let me know _ I've got access to lots of antler and we can work on it at Jerry's shop...

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You could re-handle it easy since scadinavian mora knives have a rat tail tang. But why would you want to change anything since it belonged to your uncle.

You can buy mora blades on ebay or on other sites for $15.00 to $20.00 dollars.

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