New patch knife sheath
This one for me, and kind of an experiment with quilling. I liked how it turned out and I think it fits in great with my shooting bag. But, I have a ways to go with my quilling, for sure the line work.

The knife I picked up at an antique show, it's an "OVB" and I'm not sure how old it is. Or really know much about it, but it holds a hell of an edge and cuts patching for my round balls quite well! And sure looks the part of an old patch knife.

The brain tan has been dyed with walnut hulls, hence the dark color.

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That is one beautiful outfit, and the knife does seem to fit right in! Good job.
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I think your sheath and quillwork look good, Skab. I did some braided and wrapped quillwork years ago. I finished one pipe tamper, and that was about it. I never did try the applique technique as you have done.

Good work, Hoss!

Notchy Bob

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Nice sheath.

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Very nice!!

Sua Sponte
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Looks good; I like it.

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Love the quill work!!!!!!! Thanks for the view
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Nice work!

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