Sheep Skinner
Finished her up this morning. The blade is a Green River blank, scales are curled maple with Fieblings Tan. Hand scraped the wood and two coats of tung oil

Sheath is a original design by yours truly. Hard to design a skinner sheath with this much bow. 4 oz veg tan with stain and wax hardened.

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Looks good Pease.


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Nice Pease. Say, this may be a dumb question (which I'm known for anyhow), but is a sheep skinner made for . . . skinning sheep? Makes me wonder if skinning sheep called for special blades, and why specifically. I've skint a large few lambs. Skint one with an obsidian blade---once.


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Great design! I would have kept my Russel/Green River knife if the sheath would have kept it in place but not having a finger guard there's just nothing for the thong to grab on to. Looks like you came up with a good solution to that problem, you do nice work.
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great knife and better sheath!

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Love what you have done with the Green River. I actually made a GR knife like this from 1095. Love the shape.

I have tried Raw hide sheaths but never seem to get the look I want. Mine always look like new work when I want an antique look.
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Free Trapper
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That is a sweet pair. I like the design of the sheath, would it be possible to post a pic of the back of it?


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Looks good, great job!

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Nice blade there, Pease. I like your leather working, too. Great job!

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Pease, you do some really fine work there. Both the sheath & knife are first rate.
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