They Gave The Scalp Halloo
Hey folks, I got a copy of They Gave The Scalp Halloo, I got volume 3 of four volumes. What these are, are four volumes of researched quotes from historic sources, for Eastern Woodland and Great Lakes, Indian cultures. Might be a good period reference for folks looking for sources of info on those cultures. So the table of contents is more like an index. The author uses one or more quotes that cover a listed topic on Eastern Woodland and Great Lakes Indian culture, the quotes coming from the time period of contact, so are first hand accounts in most cases. The author also uses the spelling (some of it bad) found in the original quotes.

The books can seem redundant, since the author chose to use sources that cover multiple subjects, multiple times in the book. So, for example, if he found a quote that covered moccasins and breechclouts, he referenced it under moccasins, and then referenced it under breechclouts. I think he did that to save the person using the book for research, time. So if today you're looking up moccasins, and next month you're looking up breechclouts, you don't have to remember that you found a reference to breechclouts under "moccasins", as it's also there under breechclouts.

You can find the books online if you look under the title. I don't include the link here, since that might be some form of "offering it for sale", which I'm not, and I've only met the author once, when I bought my copy of V. 3


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