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August 4'th-6'th The Family and I headed for the high country. The purpose of this trip was to scout for beaver for a potential spot to trap this Fall.
The morning of the 4'th found us throwing packs on the horse and striking out on the trail. I had packed on my back our two year old boy and my wife was packed with our three and a half month old son. Yes this was his first period camp!
We packed in about a mile, remember we were packing to little boys and didn't want to be to far from our truck. Our camp was made near some large beaver ponds which made this trip a success as it answered my question about beaver on Goose Creek.
It was quite hot out that afternoon so I took a swim in one of the ponds and whooo!!! that water cooled you down quite quick.
We ate a supper of smoked salmon and then played a game of dominos. We made our bed in the meadow by the creek which turned out to be a mistake as it was very moist.
The 5'th we had oatmeal for breakfast and then we packed further up the canyon to the end of the trail but there was no place to set up a good camp so we packed back to the first nights camp. That afternoon I leveled a spot on the hill next to the creek so that we didn't have to sleep in that meadow again. That night we ate a hearty meal of fried potatoes and summer sausage.
The 6'th we had oatmeal again for breakfast but this time we put a chunk of chocolate in with it and let it melt which made the oatmeal quite tasty.
Packing Jughead, the horse, we hiked back out of Goose Creek and back to the flatlands.
It was a good time and like every trip I make, I learned something new.

For more pictures got to https://idmountaineer.blogspot.com/

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A second son!If you work it right you guys can have a blast in the years to come!Congratulations to your lovely wife,and to you for having a great little family.

Beer is proof that God loves us,and wants us to be happy-B. Franklin
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Thanks for sharing the good time!
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Sounds like a great time. Quality time like that with your family is priceless. Keep it up along as you can. Time goes by FAST. Best regards. RH
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Great idea to take the little ones along; they have a head start for sure. That trip had to be a great family event.

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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