Just a reminder folks, it's the time of year to think about putting in or prepping to do something in your garden for a taste of Living History.

With the extra time that telecommuting has done for me I have arranged with a local farmer to put in four hop vines, for example. When they arrive I will dash over to the property and put them in the ground, and pray. They are a weed so they they should be good to go....unless the deer think them too tasty to ignore.

I am also fashioning self-watering planting buckets, as sometimes in the heat of the summer I get distracted and often it's sooo hot here that a day of neglect = withered plants. Since countries around the world are talking about "opening up" and some like Sweden never "shut down" I figure I am likely to be done telecommuting before August, and likely by June 1st. So I will no longer be home as much.....

Self-Watering Container

So I'm going to try some heirloom veggies in these things, and see what I get.


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Not so quick,we have Snow Flurries for tonight.Last flurries was 14" of wet snow and 6 days without power.
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That's why I live south of the Red River!!

It is pitiful when a man lets his ego push his intelligence beyond his ignorance.
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The snow was just last week. mid 50's today ! winds out of the W/NW.
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Crazy weather!
A couple of weeks ago we were getting up near 80*F. I planted my garden on April 3rd.
Then the tornadoes hit. We are okay. I lost one big tree is all. However, the town was hit hard. No deaths here, but plenty were hurt and are now homeless.
I am afraid that the torrential rains drowned my garden seeds. That was followed by two light frosts and cool, cloudy days. Very little has come up in my garden.
Today is supposed to finally get back up to 70*F. I will wait a couple more days, but if the garden doesn't show improvement by then, I will have to replant.

This is the middle of spring turkey season here in Tenasi. I have only been out twice. I saw and heard nothing, except for a hen turkey running down the road in front of my truck.
Now, a hen has been coming into my backyard every morning and evening for the past few days. I think she is nesting in the brush choked ravine that is a couple hundred yards behind my house.

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