Three Creek Hunt
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Over the past weekend I headed down toward the Idaho/Nevada border country to do a little hunting. I decided to use this time for getting some AMM requirements under my belt, or should I say sash. Here is my journal entries from the trip.

Three Creek. I find myself with no food. I hunted this evening and found nothing. It is snowing! My camp is under a willow with a couple of canveses wove into the branches. It's only been a couple of hours since I ate yet my stomach is already growling. Hope I find meat tomorrow.
Woke this morning to a couple of inches of snow. Left camp at dawn in search of food. Spent all morning hunting and no meat. I did find a deer hide left by someone. Will have to use it for clothing. Started a fire this afternoon and thawed out my feet. My canvas was dripping from the melting snow and I fought that until it dried off. Sat and read Acts, the first chapter. I agian went out in search of food for the majority of the afternoon. No meat but I found some juniper berries. I ate a few but was forced to quit due to their strong flavor.
When I reached camp I rekindled the fire and dried my half frozen feet. With a warm fire and a puff on my pipe I am not feeling as tired and weak as earlier.
Very cold night last might. I kept feeding the fire until morning. I raised camp and it took me to trips to get my gear out of the canyon due to my weak conditions. Did not find any meat on the way out.
For sketches go to http://idmountaineer.blogspot.com/

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I find these journals very interesting, and enjoy the thought of a primitive camp but am very well aware that I would not be able to do thid myself, at least not to keep it totally authentic. Do keep these stories, pictures and your equipment, etc. coming as my vicarious life is far more interesting than my reality.
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Walk,Amen to THAT!Mountaineer,you are the perfect age to give us Oldsters a vicarious thrill that we can no longer fulfill in real life.Thank you,and don't take too many chances.

Beer is proof that God loves us,and wants us to be happy-B. Franklin
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Glad to help you out fellers. haha
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