Went on a short trek today.
Took my .45 cal Late Lancaster and went on a short trek. Walked into the woods and went pass my tree stand I hunt deer from. Walked on down through the woods aways and sat down against a big red oak. Sat there awhile and decided to eat my sandwich and drink my pop. After eating the sandwich and drinking the side I took the can about 40 yards away.and returned to my tree. I took aim at the can a touched the shot off. While I was reloading I looked out through the woods a saw a coyote coming my way. As the coyote trotted pass me I capped the nipple. The coyote stopped for just a second but was behind some brush so I couldn't get a shot. The coyote started trotting again and I swung the barrel of the rifle ahead of him into an opening. As he passed through the opening I fire. The coyote ran around the hill out of sight. I didn't feel good about the shot but went over to look for blood but could not find any. I looked around the area anyway to make sure I missed and found no sign. Still, it was a very nice day to be in the woods.
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Sounds like a perfect day to me. Big Grin

Sua Sponte
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