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Anybody here own one?
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Keep it coming Jason. It is the best magazine out there. I am really liking the fact that you are getting more western fur trade articles but at the same time I understand that there are a lot of eastern types out there. I think the balanced mix you're working toward is just the ticket. And I love the guns it doesn't matter if they are plain or purty! And that goes for the accoutrements as well. Thanks for your hard work.

"They do not live their lives 'by your leave'! They hack it out of the wilderness with their own two hands, bearing their children along the way!" - Cora Monroe - "Last Of The Mohicans"
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My wife and I live by the gun(flinters, of course) and garden. I also think it would be too backwoodsmany, and for those of us who do it it's normal and not newsworthy.
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Scoundrel,for someone who hasn't been able to "live the Life",like myself,there are all sorts of stumbling blocks;like Taxes,how do you manage to come up with enough hard cash to pay the Government weenies for the privilege of living?Transportation?How do you manage to feed your family in spite of hunting seasons making food animals unavailable part of the year?Ya see what I mean?.....The more we discuss this,the more I realize it is probably more a subject for Backwoodsman......Hmm.

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