white Mt carbine
A fellow gave me and old TC white Mt carbine 50 cal. I would like to find a sutable hunting load fo it so my Grandson could use it in deer season any suggestions?
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I am not familiar with your weapon, but FIRST make sure it is safe. Check the nipple to be sure it has good threads and is screwed in securely. (I have had a nipple blow out in my face - NOT a pleasant experience!)
Also check the bore. Many, many used muzzleloaders were not properly cared for and the bores are badly pitted.

The usual advice for working up a good load is to start with the caliber - .50 caliber, try 50 grains of black powder. Then move up from there in about 5 grain increments; firing 3 to 5 shot groups with each load until you find what works best in your particular firearm.

The standard military load during the War Between the States for .58 caliber rifled muskets firing a 500 grain minie bullet was only 60 grains of 2F.
My own hunting load in my .50 longrifle is 70 grains of 3F.
Some guys prefer a heavier charge. I have used up to 90 grains, but 70 grains is most accurate and so works best for me. Using my 70 grain load I have killed deer out to 60 yards and the .490 round ball went completely through the deer.
You just have to do some experimenting to find what works best for you.

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Great advice, start with 50 gr and work up in 5 gr increments. You might want to try both 3Fg and 2Fg because some firearms tends to prefer one or the other.

I hunt with 54 calibers and shoot 90 gr of 2Fg, GOEX in them and have taken dear from 30 yds out to 100 yds. When first started muzzlerloader hunting, I was using a Sharon Gun Barrel Hawken with a 1 in 72 twist. A couple real bad winter hunts started to affect it's stock so switched to a Lyman Great Plains rifle with a 1 in 66 twist. Last but not least, in 2005, I put the caplocks away and started hunting with a Pedersoli Blue ridge rife with a 1 in 48 twist. I'm not a fan of that fast twist but discovered it will still shoot my 90 gr load with good accuracy. My son's 54 cal Renegade likes 80 gr and destroys the patch when 90 gr is used. That was quite a surprise but as mentioned before, shoot different loads and see what the rifle likes.
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