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I hope this is not a violation of forum policy, and I have no affiliation with the vendor whatsoever, but if you've been wanting a canoe gun, taker a gander at this: NSW Canoe Gun

This looks like a fair deal to me. I have a NSW Northwest Gun, which I ordered directly from the maker 4-5 years ago, and it was one of the very few guns I have ever bought that was range ready, right out of the box, with no issues whatsoever. Matt Denison was a master of his craft, and it was a sad day when North Star West closed its doors. Now, here's a Northwest-styled "Canoe Gun" from his shop up for sale at $750. That would be less than half the price of a new one, which is a moot point because they aren't even being made any more.

I'm submitting this post just to let the brethren on this forum know. I apologize if any policies are violated, but I know there are forum members who would appreciate this gun and give it a good home. You don't see many of Matt's guns on the used gun market, because people who own them tend to hang on to 'em.

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