My Boy & The New Englander
So my son Matt this year suddenly got interested in shooting. I mean suddenly. I've taken him to the range twice as a youngster, and he wasn't too keen. Turns out he didn't like the noise and the kick, well mostly the noise, and it was the noise from the other guns being shot at the range that mostly bothered him.

Last time he wanted to come with me was five years ago as a 12 year old. Well he's growed some, and is now 17, so in March he asked if we could shoot some of my modern guns (rifles). He's into some of those online, WWII first-person-shooter games and such. (to those games I say "bah humbug")

So we've been shooting an SKS, and I let him get some custom parts like a modern stock, and a scope and such. We were sighting the SKS in yesterday, and I brought my .54 flintlock Trudy along, as well as my .54 TC New Englander caplock.

In the past, Matt didn't like Trudy much, as he's not used to such a long rifle (and she's only got a 38" barrel Roll Eyes) The New Englander, is much shorter than the flinter, and it's a caplock so is better in very damp conditions. In fact it's my backup rifle IF I've got limited days off to hunt, and for whatever reason the weather is really damp (especially this week in October which is early ML Deer season starting in the morning. Big Grin)

So after banging away for an hour and adjusting his scope out to 100 yards, time to do some BP.

I've switched over from GOEX right now to Graf's 3Fg..., and my sights are now 3" low, I discovered when shooting at 50 yards. So I've upped my load from 70 grains to 80 grains to correct the impact of my .530 round ball. So I'm good to go tomorrow, but then it was Matt's turn on the New Englander.

So I showed him how it loads, and instructed him on half-cock and full-cock, and placing a cap and whatnot. He was a little apprehensive. I told him it wouldn't kick any more than the modern rifle, and he did need to be aware that the trigger was very different from the modern rifle so he had to take his time.

The rifle was on a rest on the bench and he shouldered it and followed the basics..., and BOOOM!..., she went off without a problem. At 50 yards with 70 grains of Graf's 3Fg and a .530 patched round ball, he cut the ten ring at the 11 o'clock mark. All he said was, " Hey I like this!" (gee young man you mean after all that banging away with the SKS, you admit the BP single shot rifle might actually be fun? Wink ) His second shot he hit the 9 ring at 6 o'clock, and his last shot was a flyer, but he "called" it when he fired as a flyer. We had to then call it quits due to fading light.

Since we're in an area of my state where his choices for deer hunting with a firearm are shotgun or muzzleloader..., he's going to have to use the New Englander, but I think he'll find it more than adequate. He wont' be going out with me until regular season after Thanksgiving..., but that's another story. Big Grin


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That is simply great! We need more young like your son.

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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That's is great! Just have to let them come around. Mark
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Excellent news! Be sure to keep us posted as this story continues LD.
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Attentive eyes are watching!

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LD you are one lucky fellow.
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You are lucky. I have 4 sons and none have any desire to shoot a muzzleloader.
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Congrats! That is what it is all about.
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