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I have this flask and am trying to determine who made it. (Trying to post a picture) It appears to be a Colt Civil War Replica with the Cannon, Flags, and crossed rifles. There are some diffeences on this from any others I have seen -
1) Initials 'US' where the rifles cross
2) No crossed pistols on it anywhere.
3) Lanyard rings are on the same side (right).
4) Irons screws hold brass cap to copper flask.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I've never seen that one around. It sure is a keeper!
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Agree with Deadeye. Wish mine was like it, lanyard rings and all. Be interesting to see what you find out from greater minds than mine.


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That is a nice flask. I don't recall ever seeing one with both rings on the same side. I can't identify it, but I did locate the following: Powder Flask Identification. It looks as if they don't have any entries for military flasks, but there is quite a lot of information there. If you scroll down near the bottom of the page, you should find a "Weapons Identification Service" link. I think there is a charge for the service... Poking around on the website suggests it may be $10.00 for identification and appraisal, if you seriously want to know about the flask you have.

There is also this very interesting website discussing original American military flasks: Peace Flasks.

I bought a reproduction Peace flask from Track of the Wolf last year. I wanted to know who made it before I ordered, and they were kind enough to advise me that Pedersoli not only made the one I wanted, but has practically cornered the market for powder flasks at the present time. I think there were a few other makers until recently, though.

Good luck in your quest! Please let us know what you find.

Notchy Bob

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Notchy Bob,

Thanks for the info, I'll check out these links!
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