Possible bag strap
Looking for a source where I can buy 2" strap for possible bag. Either jute or cotton. Thanks
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Chair webbing from an upholstery store is often used....but just be aware that a lot of folks know it as chair strappings.
This is wider than you asked about:
Red Striped Strap
Black stripe Strap
This is thinner than you asked about, but is often used by guys for rifle bags:
1.25" Plain Cotton Strap
Here is some very wide and plain, which would distribute the weight better on your shoulder, but might be better suited to a strap for a militia ammo box due to width :
Wide Plain Strap


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Great idea, LD. Cheap too. Big Grin
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I don't know that I've seen jute webbing. Strapping of cotton or hemp is not too hard to find. Try Turkeyfoot Trading for hemp webbing. Also, try Jas. Townsend for cotton or hemp, although it appears their maximum width is 1½".

With no offense intended to anyone, I would encourage all of us to patronize the businesses that support our hobby rather than the big box stores, when possible. I have dealt with both Turkey Foot and Townsend, and can vouch for the fact that they are good people.

Good luck!

Merry Christmas!

Notchy Bob

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Got some jute at JoAnna

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I may try some of the red. Mark
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