Brass Mounted Knife Sheath
My first real piece of work that I have done in 14 months. Had some health and vision problems, but am getting better now. The knife is a representation of an 18th c. "broken Sword" knife, and was made by Kyle Willyard. Old Dominion Forge. I made the sheath with a center seam up the back, hand sewn with linen thread, and with brass mounts. The leather is 6/7oz vege-tan carving leather, and stained with vinegaroon. The mounts are all hand made by me from brass sheet. The brass aging on both knife and scabbard was done with 44-40 cold blue. The knife's brass mounts came from "THE RIFLE SHOPPE", and the grip is bone. Hope you enjoy a look.

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Oh my......My wife just told me to stop drooling on the computer.....

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That is great work sir! Very nice!!
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That's an amazing sheath and knife!

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