First Powder Horn
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Sad to say it's been all this time and only now,when I go to my first Rendevous, that I finally get a powder horn.
All this time I thought they filled from the big end. Felt really stupid at all the time I spent trying to get it off only to realize that it wasn't supposed to!! Sure does work better than an empty vitamin bottle though!! Red Face
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Free Trapper
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AK Mike, some horns do fill from the big end. Mark
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AK Mike you refering loading the firearm or refilling the horn with powder????
If it is to refill the horn,some load from the spout some from the butt plug.
If you were refering filling the firearm from the big end of the horn NEVER,NEVER reload directly from the horn,you have a 1/2lb + black powder bomb in your hand by your head,one ember left in the barrel,you got no dental records nor finger prints or face.
You want to see/read about horns,,go to "The Horners Bench" site nothing but horns and the like and no "experts" either,just doers.
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