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the latest issue has a fantastic book offering, "Gettin' The Lead Out". The page and photo shown had the answer to a question that has bothered me for years. The fringed ball bag with the vent pick in the stopper is an answer to having it handy without the concern of losing it.

Yes, I will get mine ordered in the morning.


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ordered and arrived this week. There is so much documented and dated stuff in the book.
Ball/Shot bags of all eras and shapes.

Great read!

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Interesting idea, does not fit with my loading sequence, as Ive tried to get it down to the least ammount of movements, so on a chain attached to the powder horn strap, with the pick stuck into the strap works for me, YMMV.....
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If one looks at their gear they may find many places to stick the vent prick, as in the lacings of a bag, thru two holes in a strap, or into staples in the gun stock, I like either a having it hang from a wang of thin leather off the tg or attatched to a longer leather loop that has my measure/brush that hangs around my neck though the brush gets little use I like a piece of patching for wiping the pan. I do not know about any documentation for most of these but their are many ways to do it, it would be interesting knowing how all the stuff metioned in above posts was accurately dated to specific time periods as this is always a hotly contested issue with lots of accuterments/small stuff.
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Been shooting Flinters for more than 50 yrs. Hunt with them, shoot them in competition,shoot several times a week. Seldom shoot more than 50 shots at a time, never clean between shots but the main thing I wanted to say is I've never found a need for a vent pick, never. What is it you find a need to use it for? Is it the dry climate I live in that makes it unnecessary? or is this something you use because you think it's necessary or have been led to believe it's necessary when it's not. Just wondering?????
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I've always carried a vent pick in my range box and one in my hunting bag. I have the sharp point stuck into a piece of cork for safety. Starting to think about maybe installing a pick inlay just under the cheek pieces on my guns. Rarely use them but when I do use one it's because I really need it right now.

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