Questions on a new tent.
Just saw where Track of the Wolf sells canvas tents. Still a toss up between a wall tent or a baker's tent.
Does anyone know who makes the tents that Track of the Wolf sells?
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As a middle-man they will likely get them from either Panther Primitives or Tentsmiths. Both companies make good tents, and I own tents and shelters from both. Only problem I had was a craptastic seam on a Panther tent, but they fixed it immediately..., and in the past I've called Tentsmiths to get an estimate on completion of the sewing of a tent, so that I knew when was the deadline to order to have it arrive in time for a big event I was to attend. BOTH companies have good customer service. Wink

BEWARE..., as your question is often a prelude to buying yourself a tent....,

Many styles of wall tents are not authentic, and some like the Baker, are actually at the very end of authenticity for even this forum. They are documented (iirc) to about 1840...,

That's important as many events will prohibit you from attending with things like a Native American Lodge (aka Tipi), or a Baker, or "one pole tents" such as the Sibley, or Pyramid types. Eeker

Now some walled tents are OK...a Marquis tent and an artillery "laboratory" tent are OK, and a Dragoon's walled tend (walls are only 18" high) are documented. The problem is that most of the documented walled tents are pricey, AND they can be a pain in the arse to set up alone. Eeker

WITH that in mind a military, bell backed, wedge tent, even oversized, is acceptable, BUT you lose some room due to the design. They can be set up by a single person, and they can be made to take a small wood stove, but their design is really as a sleeping shelter, for people on very low cots, or on mattresses on the ground.

(imho) The best all around tent for the solo person who isn't part of a re-created, military unit...is a Medieval Double Belled Tent Which is actually a French Double Belled Wedge Tent..., but the proper door is really a single slit, not an "awning style" door.

I say this as they are,
a) Simple for one person to set up
b) exploit a lot of interior room
c) can be fitted for decent sized wood stove
d) are less expensive or equal to wall tent counterparts AND
e) are acceptable at events from Renaissance through the Civil War, when those same comparable wall tents may not be. Wink

The "tricks" to the double-belled tent with the simple slit door is to use a pair of support poles at each end of the ridge pole, like this /\ , instead of a single pole at each end. So you go from 3 poles, to five, but..... it really opens up the interior. The other trick is to fashion your own poles from lapped together, rough stock, 2"x4" x 8' pine. I did mine with a lap joint, deck screws and some epoxy (nobody is going to see them). I have no problems transporting this on a Subaru station wagon either . Big Grin

So I hope this helps you find a good tent, at a fair price, that makes your stay at whatever event, really fun!


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My lodge was a 'one pole' pyramid style made by Panther Primitives. I was very satisfied with the quality and used that tent for many years. It was very easy to set up without assistance. That said, the downside was I never attempted to use at a juried rendezvous; the door was small and a back killer getting in and out, especially when lugging gear. After 20 years of use I sold it for a good price. My poles were pine I harvested from the nearby forest. I stripped them of all bark and kept in dry storage when not in use. They were strong and light as feathers. You didn't ask, but keep in mind, whatever lodge you choose it must be ABSOLUTELY BONE DRY before putting in storage. Failure to do that and you will end up with an expensive mass of mildew.
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TOW tents are from RK Lodges.
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