.595 RB mold
Looking to get a .595 round ball mold - not a primitive one but something like a Lee or a Lyman to put out ball in lots of more than 10 at a time

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By "lots of more than 10 at a time", I assume you don't mean a gang mold for casting 10 balls with every pour. Jeff Tanner in the UK makes mold blocks that fit Lyman handles. Wasn't long ago I saw a post where somebody ordered a Tanner mold and got very rapid delivery.

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put out ball in lots of more than 10 at a time

Yep, that statement is confusing.
The .595 is not made by any of the big manufacturers, to the best of my knowledge. Dunno why, seems like there would be a demand. I'm probably going to order one from Jeff Tanner. Having to hammer a .600 with thin patching down the bore of my fowler, as I do now, isn't my idea of fun.
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