I wrote about this I think four years ago, so....

Next Tuesday is as we all know, election day. What I want to talk about is the day AFTER next Tuesday.

See, ALL of those lovely, roadside, campaign signs have metal supports, and they can be gathered up by us to hold targets. Some are H shaped but the larger ones are often a single piece of very thick wire running up the side, through the top, and down the opposite side. These are great for both cardboard AND novelty targets like hanging targets such as eggs, clay birds, ship's biscuit, or balloons, etc. So GATHER them up for reuse on your range.

CHECK your local area regulations. A few counties in the US actually spend your tax dollars paying county employees to gather up the signs from the side of the roads and then store them for collection by the candidates without charging the candidates a dime. HOWEVER, most counties require the candidates to remove them from the roads, and to do so within say 24 hours, or they become abandoned property or trash. These then are free for the gathering. You're going to pay to have them collected as trash, so why not put them to better use???

Be careful they are on the sides of the roads and not in a person's yard as they are private property unless posted on the right-of-way, after the required time limit to remove them has passed.

Four years ago in less than 30 minutes I was able to gather a dozen or so, and they have worked very well. Not just for simple target holders, but also for holders at ranges with installed holders, at set distances..., when allowed one can place targets at "odd" distances, so if you want to check your sights at say 65 yards OR you simply want to practise shooting at unknown distances. PLUS if you're hosting an event, even a non-shooting event, and the location is not well marked, you have a supply of stands to support route markers to direct incoming participants and tourists.

Good Hunting!


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What a SPLENDID idea!!

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Like you said, be careful when and where you pick them up.
The candidates paid big money to buy them by the dozens. They are the property of the candidates, until that certain time when they are designated as "abandoned."
My wife ran for office several years ago. She lost, but we still have over 100 of those metal frames out in the barn.

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That is proper recycling!! Great idea!
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Yes, a great idea.
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