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The Incas did not use the wheel but this had nothing to do with them "not knowing about it".

Well you misunderstand the reference and the principle. First, it was taken as fact for more than a century that any humans at any location on the planet who created a "civilization", with the meaning of the word being a culture that had strict division of labor to allow the building of large, permanent, urban areas,..., had to have the knowledge of, and use the wheel. It was taken as an automatic "fact". (Evidence of the "knowledge" being physical evidence of its use..., for no one can tell what people knew and when something was known, without some form of physical evidence, which can be in the form of artifacts or in writings.)

The Inca example is the greatest refutation of the argument of "They were smart, they had the ability, so therefore they had the item", because they didn't have the item.


It's not what you know, it's what you can prove
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I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say, LD. We are certainly no "smarter" than folks were thousands of years ago. And I still maintain that the lack of actual artifacts has nothing to do with whether or not the knowledge existed. Why spend time drawing things you don't use anyway. Even after Europeans showed up with their wagons the Sioux still didn't use the wheel. But they sure did use the gun; wonder why?

Less we get off topic I'll still say it's highly unlikely ball boards were commonly used prior to the 19th century. I'm sure the concept was familiar, though. I tried them once and saw no advantage. I'm slow doing everything, even "time saving" devices.

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Does that mean if I apologize (not that it's going to happen in this lifetime) you'll go away?


Sua Sponte
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Does that mean if I apologize (not that it's going to happen in this lifetime) you'll go away

If you are talking to me, absolutely not! you have given me a new reason to stick around and add some facts now and then.Again let's leave this space for the proper topic matter. You can continue with the unpleasant PMs so as not to take up room here if you have that much of a need to flame me, just remember that the truth will not burn.
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