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Flint and Steel
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Just an observation here. While I'm sure many mountain men used natural substances as an alternative to char, I can also believe that cotton fabric could have been available.

My wife is a quilter, as were many frontier women (and men). Her fabric trimmings from one quilt could keep a man in available char for a year. Who is to say that this wasn't also the case. Too often when looking at clothing, we see only the finished project, not the raw material that went into its making.

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That’s another good thought and could very well have been. However, I don’t think there were many Mountain Men that were married to women in the mountains that made quilts LOL They could have been married to Indian women but they would be making blankets from Buffalo hides and such and when they came across cotton, they valued it.

But it is all conjecture on our part and as you say, who’s to know.

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I've tried every type of fungus I've been able to find here in Colorado and have never had any catch a spark. Certainly not to say I've tried them all. Tried them dried and tried them charred. Just haven't found the right one yet.

I have tried and carry some of the great tinder fungus that a buddy of mine sent me from Vermont. It works outstanding. The species just doesn't grow in the areas I run in.

Like I mentioned above the best natural item I've found above 8,000 feet elevation in Colorado is Aspen punk, that I've charred over a fire. Works great. seems to catch a spark much better than any of the pines or conifers.
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Various crushed and frayde barks, such as red ceder, make excellent tinder.

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We've got a stump full of punky cottonwood that should be enough to last the rest of our lives...

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