Hugh Monroe's Pistol
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I discovered this gem while researching something else on the web. I tried to post a link but could not get it to work, so just Google "Hugh Monroe's Pistol," and check the "hits" that you get. One of them should be to a 1907 issue of Outing magazine, with an article having the title of "Hugh Monroe's Pistol."

Or, maybe this will work:


The article in the link tells the story. Briefly, Hugh Monroe was born in Quebec in 1798, joined the Hudson's Bay Company as a laborer in 1816, and was assigned to live with the Blackfoot people shortly thereafter, to learn their language and basically serve as a cultural liason between the tribesmen and the Company. He lived until 1896, and never left the Blackfoot people or their country. His adoptive people named him "Rising Wolf."

This article, as short as it is, has some very interesting information in the form of first-hand descriptions of hunting buffalo with a flintlock, living off the land, and making a living as a hunter and trapper back in the day.

The author, J.W. Schultz, was somewhat younger but was himself another white man who cast his lot with the Blackfeet and married into the tribe. One of his books, My Life As An Indian, was one of my absolute favorites when I was a youngster.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did!

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Interesting tale. Thanks.

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Thanks for sharing

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